DLF Alameda Plots in Resale


Before delving into exploration of specific residential plots in Gurgaon, it is important to see if you are really in the right zone of investment, so our team put together some interesting facts about Investing in Land.

In a world offering multitude of investment opportunities both within the real estate domain as well as non real estate investments, how does one choose an investment that is not only stable but also grows with time? Which asset class has stood the test of time repeatedly and has beaten all other asset classes within Real Estate Arena?

Land as an investment has not only surpassed all other asset classes within the Real Estate Arena, but also proved to be one of the most stable forms of investment that can be easily passed on to generations through generations.
Residential Land remains a preferred asset class with traditional investors, who go by the Old Wisdom – Land is always scarce and will always be.

Here are a few things that come to mind when we talk about Land as a Viable Investment:

Diminishing Product – Land is a diminishing commodity, so will always appreciate if held for the optimum length of time.

Best ROI Asset – Land has always provided the best return on investment compared to any other asset class within real estate domain. The longer you hold a piece of land, the more it grows.

Low on Maintenance – Investing in Land entails the least maintenance worries and low or negligible recurring maintenance costs.

Flexibility – Land can be put to many uses, you can simply let it grow without any construction, build a single family home, or multi-family homes on the same plot of land, therefore you can add value to the land by dividing it into smaller sellable units.

Disaster Insulated – In case of a Natural Disaster, Land is the last asset to be hit as compared to high rise buildings or commercial real estate.

Why Invest in a Plot at DLF ALAMEDA?

Promising Location – DLF Alameda is located on the Golf Course Extension Road. Which is one of the most promising locations for times to come. Some of the most upmarket residential communities are being build and exist on this road.

Excellent Access – A direct access from a broad road straight into this residential community is an added advantage of not having to go through a lot of traffic. Easy in and Out is always a preferred way to community from home.

Huge Commercial Development around Alameda – A host of commercial offices & retail developments like BMW Training Center, M3M Broadway, Tata Commercial Towers etc. within the vicinity make this a promising investment and a community to live in for times to come.

Credible Developers – DLF doesn’t need any introduction, they are the ones who developed Urban areas of Delhi as we know it now as well as are the pioneers of development of Gurgaon as a city.

Well Planned Residential Community – DLF Alameda is a well planned residential plotted development that offers state of the art infrastructure with Multiple Parks, Wide Road network and even a Club House.

Large Size Plots – Normal communities would have all sizes of plots, however, DLF Alameda is one such community that offers larger size plots so the quality of homes and the strata of people occupying them would be upmarket, affluent and of a certain class.

Broad Roads within the Community – DLf Alameda offers Broad Roads, broader than any other plotted colony in Gurgaon. This makes sure that the community doesn’t feel chocked with cars etc. and would make sure that the movement of traffic is taken care of for times to come.

Gated & Secured Plotted Development – DLF Alameda is a fist of it’s kind, gated community and offers a secure environment for the residents.

100% Power Back Up – DLF Alameda offers plots with 100% Power Back Up, which most other residential plotted colonies are missing.

Managed Services – DLF Alameda offers managed centralized maintenance services unlike other plotted colonies, so you enjoy the services of a High-Rise Condominium while being in a bungalow.

Multiple Large Size Parks – DLF Alameda offers multiple well landscaped and maintained Large Size Parks offering a beautiful sense of aesthetics as well as lot of Green Area within the community.

Lavish Club House – DLF Alameda is going to have a lavish resident’s club house that is meant for only the residents of the community. Normally, plotted developments do not have club houses planned.

Why These Specific Plots?

At the moment we have mandate to sell two prime plots in Resale in DLF Alameda with the following attributes:

Block – D
Lane – D1.
Facing – D 2 Park.
Size: 538 Sq.Yrds.
Facing: East/South East.
Size: Regular Size.

Peaceful Location within the community – Block D is tucked away from the main entrance, so only Block D residents will be coming inside.

Good Access – Multiple ways to access the specific plots, through main entrance as well as from the rear entrance.

Park Facing – Plots are located opposite a large size park.

Development in Full Swing – Multiple homes already under construction and in some cases, families living right across these plots.

Good Facing – East/South East facing plots.

Distressed Pricing – Advantage of The Distressed Pricing at the Moment with a great promise of growth.

Secured Environment – Plots are not at the edge of the community, there are other plots behind these plots.

Optimum Size – Optimum Size of Plot for a family to build a lavish home.

Transaction Quality – Registered Deal. Mortgage Free Property. All Cheque Transaction.

Seller Quality – At Qualtors, we attach a lot of importance to the Quality of Seller. The Seller is motivated and a sound businessperson, who is logical and trustworthy.

View Video of the construction developments at DLF Alameda on the link below:

Video of Actual Plot Location

Plot Option 1:

Plot Option 2:

Video of Overall Development at DLF Alameda